Rx Strength Training, LLC


Updated on March 31, 2021


From our hands to yours!

We have established a new policy to ensure that every towel on the gym floor is fresh and clean, ready for your personal use! Rather than finding a towel in your basket when you select your cubby, the coach on staff will give you a towel when you arrive at Rx, so that we can 100% certain that this is a fresh towel, and not a soiled towel, left behind after being used by another member. To help us keep your station safe and clean, please remember to bring your towel to the laundry bag at the front when you leave - your coaches shouldn’t have to handle dozens of used towels throughout the day!

Please remember to leave your outdoor shoes outside of the gym!
It doesn’t matter if you walked a mile to get to Rx, or just 20 feet from your car - whatever your shoes picked up outside will be find itself in your footprints on the gym floor. Please help us keep Rx clean, and leave your outdoor shoes on the mats in the hallway (especially as we approach Mud Season!)

Please put your equipment back in its proper place!
Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to your used equipment - if you lifted it a bunch of times, what’s one more rep to put it back where it belongs? We try to keep Rx as organized as possible, so that you know exactly where to find your favorite toys, please help us keep things tidy by putting back every piece of equipment, from bands to belt squat plates!

Please wear your mask the RIGHT way!
This is a strange time for us all, and masks are not the most attractive addition to the gymwear game, but please wear them properly! This means keeping your mask over your mouth AND nose at all times, even during heavy reps or tough conditioning sets. We do understand that this can be very uncomfortable at times, so if you just can’t catch your breath and need a break, please remove yourself from the training space before removing your mask - besides, fresh air is good for you! We hate the idea of imposing penalties on our members that aren’t burpees, but after receiving a number of requests from concerned members, there will be consequences for improper mask use if we have to tell you multiple times.